It’s (always been) #FakeNews

To me, the most ironic thing is the expression of all is the #FakeNews one. The idea that it was not there before.

The most powerful person on this Earth is the product of a media that turned him into a celebrity (i.e. made him celebrated) until he reached what are now near god-like proportions. And they are the ones that made their money out of it, the stories of a greatness, and brushing over the bad to keep the news cycle going with their favourites, that now someone’s taken the ‘controller’ away can no longer be contained.

Indeed, the Jimmy Savilles, the Boris Johnson’s, the footballers, the dumbasses on Love Island and Strictly Come Dancing and all these other things I don’t even watch, and hope I’m not talking out of place about…the this and the that, and the other, were all the products of a #fakenewsmedia that has lost control of its own creation because, like in 28 Days After, they thought they had the thing contained, then one day they gave it a chance to bite them, it broke out of its ‘media containment’ and infected the World with the Media ‘labs’ themselves a part of it.

So yes, it’s #fakenews, and actually, The Don is just its most impressive feat of ‘self-awareness’ since it all began – someone who might not be conscious as to how it works, but has figured out how it can all be used.

At least we’re getting a heads up as what to expect when the Machines work how to do it by themselves.

Indeed, arguably, The Putin-Social Media-Trump thing, is the first real, formal live collaborative project Man and Machine has undertaken ‘in the wild’.

So now I’m going to go back to marking, the most obvious evidence, other than History that people will keep making the same mistakes of the past over and over again.